Money Saving Benefits of Home Water Conditioners

Our last look into drinking water systems explored the benefits of home water filtration systems on the water you drink and the environment you live in. But the benefits of home water treatment extend far beyond tap water and into your entire household.

Money Saving Benefits of Home Water Treatment

One of the most common perceptions of home water filtration systems is that they only help reduce bad tastes and that rotten-egg smell caused by sulfur.

But did you know that installing RainSoft water conditioners can actually help families save money?

From reducing water waste and getting the most out of every bit of soap, to removing chemicals and impurities water can pick up as it travels from the public water source to your house, home water treatment can do much more for your family then simply get rid of bad odors.

According to the Salt Institute, a study performed by New Mexico State University to measure differences in energy consumption of household water heaters operating on hard vs soft water revealed hard water contributes to the buildup of a layer of insulation in the form of scale between the water and the heat source. Water heaters using hard water took an average of 25.62% more BTUs than the those using softened water to provide the same amount of hot water.

Effects of Hard Water in your Home

Hard water is water with a high mineral content primarily consisting of calcium and magnesium. While hard water is not a health risk, its effects can be seen in virtually every room of the house that uses water.

Bathroom: Bathing and showering in hard water can leave a sticky residue on the skin which may prevent the removal of bacteria. This residue could also make hair lifeless and difficult to manage. Hard water does not lather as well with soap, contributing to that feeling of being not quite clean.

Laundry: It may not be the type of detergent you use that causes your clothes to look faded and feel scratchy. Hard water minerals react with some soils to form insoluble salts; salts that are not easy to get rid of. And don’t forget repeated washing in hard water can shorten the life of your clothes dramatically.

Kitchen: Ever wonder why your dishes and flatware come out of the wash spotty or filmy? Hard water just may be the problem.

A RainSoft Water Softener: Dependable Protection

Water conditioners can help cut down usage of soaps and detergents, your hair and skin will feel cleaner and clothes will look brighter and feel better. Most of all, the benefit of installing RainSoft home water filtration systems is that your family can save money. And these days, a penny saved is oftentimes a dollar earned.