An Air Purifier from RainSoft Will be the Last You Ever Need to Buy for Your Home in Phoenix, AZ

Air Purifier Phoenix AZA whole house air purifier from RainSoft will substantially enhance the quality of the air in your home in Phoenix, Arizona. You, your family, and your guests will all breathe easier with our state-of-the-art AirMaster Ultra air purifier system, which can effectively eliminate airborne particles and destroy common allergens and illness-causing germs. In the “same breath,” this premium unit will also refresh the air in every room by neutralizing unpleasant odors from various household sources.

To improve your home air quality, the RainSoft AirMaster air purifier will utilize innovative multi-step technology. First, the air will be sent through an ultraviolet (UV) light zone that destroys and sterilizes most airborne bacteria, molds, viruses, and fungi spores. From there, the cleaned air will flow under an Ozone lamp that neutralizes residual odors from pets, cooking, smoking, aerosols, and more. Then, as your heating and cooling system runs, the purified air will circulate continually throughout your Phoenix home.

The AirMaster Ultra home air purifier system is also:

  • Quiet and unobtrusive as it operates through the ductwork in your home.
  • Filter-free, so you won’t have to buy extras (and remember the correct size) or change out a dusty filter ever again.
  • Essentially maintenance free; the lamps can be replaced periodically as necessary by your local authorized RainSoft dealer.
  • Precisely assembled by RainSoft in the U.S.A.
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Portable in the event you should move (an authorized RainSoft dealer can install your air purifier in your new home).

Since 1953, the experts at RainSoft have been dedicated to developing efficient and effective systems to help our customers breathe easier by ridding their homes of airborne contaminants. For cleaner air in your home, we have just the solution you need.

Contact your authorized RainSoft dealer in Phoenix, AZ, today for additional information about our air purifier systems and other state-of-the-art products, such as water conditioners and drinking water systems.