Systems for Drinking Water

No matter how good your water source is, from the time it leaves the source to the time it reaches your glass, it can pick up unwanted minerals, chemical compounds and other pollutants. RainSoft drinking water systems allow you to immediately enjoy refreshing, pure, worry-free drinking water from your faucet for the life of the system. Contact RainSoft to let us show you how to make your coffee, tea, fresh produce and more look and taste better with “ingredient quality” water from RainSoft drinking water systems.

Drinking Water Purification Products

Ultrefiner reverse osmosis systems are RainSoft’s premium drinking water systems that employ reverse osmosis purification techniques to effectively filter out contaminants such as arsenic, barium, lead and radium. Ultrefiner reverse osmosis systems feature a five step, three filter filtration process that will remove the finer particles that may slip through other drinking water filtration systems. The RainSoft Ultrefiner system is designed to conveniently install beneath your kitchen sink, is built to last and, with a limited lifetime warranty, has no costly plumbing or new pipe installation requirements.

Hydrefiner drinking water systems are the compact and economical systems in RainSoft’s line of premium products. Using our compressed carbon block filter technology, Hydrefiner drinking water systems reduce chlorine tastes and odors, and will filter out particles as small as .004 microns and other select water contaminants. Hydrefiner systems for drinking water conveniently install beneath your kitchen sink and provide a dependable source of high quality, delicious drinking water to a dedicated faucet. A standard faucet will produce 500 gallons of pure drinking water before a cartridge replacement is needed. For improved efficiency, installing a RainSoft Filtergard II faucet will give you 830 gallons of filtered water before a cartridge replacement is needed. RainSoft’s Hydrefiner drinking water systems are built for out of sight, out of mind performance and feature a limited lifetime warranty.

Make Good Water Better

Since 1953 RainSoft has been making and selling premium drinking water purification systems. RainSoft drinking water systems are your worry free source of delicious, crystal-clear, bottle-quality water without the bottle and without the environmental impact. Lugging heavy water bottles and waiting for a water delivery driver to arrive can now be a thing of the past. To find out how you can make good water taste even better, schedule a complimentary home water test and a RainSoft professional will visit you to asses your water and show you how you can benefit from one of RainSoft’s home water filtration systems.

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