In-Home Drinking Water Systems

Drinking water systems provide pure, premium water from every faucet in your home. No more lugging large bottles of water to one central location. Your drinking water becomes convenient and great-tasting with a RainSoft drinking water system that purifies better than any filter that attaches to your faucet. Get the portability and purity your family deserves. Begin the journey towards premium drinking water with a free water analysis.

What’s in Your Drinking Water?

As a finite resource, earth’s water has been recycling itself for billions of years. This means that the glass of water you drink after your morning workout is the same water your caveman ancestors drank. Only now we consume more of it – nearly 250 gallons daily more – to cook, bath, water the lawn and even manufacture goods. With water being essential for survival, it’s no wonder that Americans have become more concerned about impurities.

A USA Today/Gallup poll reported 47 percent of people don’t drink water from the tap. Hazardous ground water polluting chemicals, acid rain, and other environmental problems are all contributing factors to why fewer people are drinking from the tap. Water sources contaminated with bacteria and other pollutants have affected over 1,000 communities in the United States alone. While most water is safe, and state and local governments do the best job they can, there is a way to make your drinking water safer. RainSoft helps make good water better; the first step is a free drinking water test. This analysis can help you understand what problems your water has and what system for drinking water is right for your family.

Complimentary Water Testing

Understanding what’s in your drinking water is the first step towards purity. As an industry-leader in water softeners, drinking water systems and other home water filtration systems, RainSoft has helped families find better, safer ways to protect and promote their family’s health. RainSoft treatment professionals provide an understanding of water quality that gives your family solutions for improving your drinking water.

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