How Home Water Testing Can Help You Discover Exactly What’s in Your Water

Home Water TestingComprehensive home water testing can help you determine what exactly is coming out of your tap – and what sort of impact it has on the water you use for drinking, cleaning, bathing, and more. That’s because even if you get your water from your city’s or county’s utility company, it can still contain a number of unwanted impurities. From minerals and metals to volatile organic compounds and residual treatment additives, many different substances can find their way into your water as it makes its way to your home. Those contaminants can lead to a number of nuisances over time – and the first step in addressing them is determining exactly what they are.

At RainSoft, we’re pleased to offer complete water assessments to homeowners with concerns about their home’s water quality. Our water quality tests are:

  • Easy and convenient – We’ll come to you, and perform the test right at your kitchen sink.
  • Performed by a skilled water quality expert – We’ll provide you with the results right on the spot.
  • Capable of detecting a wide range of impurities – We’ll assess your water for hardness minerals, chlorine, VOCs, and several other common contaminants.

Most importantly, we believe that it’s important for families to know what is in their water, so we don’t charge a fee for the service. If our home water testing indicates abnormally high levels of a particular impurity, we can recommend an appropriate RainSoft system to help address it, but there’s no obligation to purchase up front.

When you’re ready to schedule your complimentary home water testing, just reach out to RainSoft. We’ll connect you with the authorized RainSoft dealer closest to your home.