Water Conditioners

The EPA ensures the source of your water is safe, but there is rising concern in the United States that the quality of water is diminishing. Even if the source of your water is acceptable, wouldn’t you like to make your good water even better? Don’t you want to have complete peace of mind about the quality of water in your home? Are you tired of dealing with hard water? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to start thinking about water conditioners from RainSoft. We have been making innovative home water treatment systems for over 50 years and finding the perfect model of water softener for your family or business is what we do best. To discover the benefits of home water treatment, let one of our trained water treatment professionals visit you to conduct a complementary in-home water test to find which of our water conditioners is right for you.

RainSoft Water Softener Systems

The EC4 and TC series water conditioners provide central water treatment for your home or business and are available in various configurations to fit your needs. RainSoft water treatment systems will soften, condition and filter your hard water by removing calcium and magnesium – key components of hard water. Both units use an energy efficient 24-volt electrical system and, according to U.S. market research, can help save you money by using less salt, electricity and water than competing brands. In addition, the EC4 and the TC series water conditioners have high flow rates for consistent water supply and are self cleaning for optimum performance and long life.

The EC4 series conditioners are RainSoft’s premium computer controlled water softener systems. The EC4 water conditioner systems regenerates based on salt usage, informs you when you should add salt or service the unit and auto adjusts its sodium and potassium setting based on water usage.

The TC series of water conditioners feature a manually programmable electronic timer that provides you with a consistent and plentiful supply of luxuriously conditioned RainSoft water on demand. This series of water conditioners are constructed with a thicker tank for better durability and is made of corrosion resistant materials designed to last a lifetime.

Both the EC4 and TC series water conditioners are built to industry standards and feature a limited lifetime warranty for dependable, out of sight, out of mind performance.

Live Better With RainSoft

To Learn more about RainSoft water softener systems and to find out which water conditioners would best fit your needs, take a moment to contact RainSoft and a water treatment professional will be happy to answer your questions.

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