Water Conditioning

Soap scum and residue builds on shower heads, walls, sinks and anywhere else hard water touches — including your skin. This buildup is caused by two natural minerals, magnesium and calcium. These two culprits prevent your home appliances and bathroom surfaces from being as clean as they could be and cause you to use more detergents and cleaning products. Water conditioning removes these minerals, creating soft, luxurious water. Whatever conditioned water touches feels softer, whether it’s your skin or your clothing. It takes less soaps and detergents to create a cleansing lather with softened water, allowing you to save money by using less detergent per load of laundry and soap and shampoo during bathing or showering. This makes housecleaning in general much easier. Also, removing these minerals prolongs the life of your appliances by keeping mineral and scale buildup from occurring. RainSoft offers a free water analysis to determine whether these minerals are present in your water. RainSoft also offers different home water conditioning systems that meet your family’s specific needs.

Water Softening Systems

RainSoft offers two different water conditioning systems, the EC4 the TC series, both of which are available in multiple configurations. Both of these premium water conditioners offer:

    • Functionality


    • Self-cleaning, consistent, long-lasting performance


    • Energy-efficient, low-voltage system


    • Built-in battery timer stores critical information during power outages


  • Reliable machinery backed by a lifetime warranty

The EC4 water conditioning system differs from the TC series in how it operates. The EC4 saves water and electricity by using a smart-feature microprocessor to respond to your family’s water needs in real time and provide usage data. This means the system actually learns your family’s water usage needs, saving money, water consumption and salt usage. The TC series offers programming simplicity through an electronic timer. You can find both water conditioning systems through your local RainSoft dealer.

A Leader in Water Conditioning

RainSoft has provided quality home water treatment systems since 1953 by helping families just like yours by making good water even better. All water conditioning products are made in the United States, ensuring the highest quality. RainSoft started with one location in Bensenville, Illinois, and today is an international company with nearly 150 dealers in the United States and 20 other countries. RainSoft remains dedicated to laboratory testing, research and development and manufacturing of home air and water treatment systems. All RainSoft products are rigorously tested and certified by third party testing programs. Our products also have their own unsurpassed product warranty. Contact RainSoft for more information about our air purification, water softener and conditioner systems and many other products.

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