Choosing the Right Water Purifying Systems for Your Family’s Needs

Water Purifying SystemsFinding the right water purifying systems for your home can feel like a daunting task. How large of a system do you need? What features should you be looking for? Should you go for a single filter or invest in a comprehensive solution that addresses several needs simultaneously? If you’re overwhelmed by all of the decisions you need to make, RainSoft can simplify the process for you. We will be happy to perform a complimentary in-home water quality test to determine what sort of system will best meet your family’s needs.

At RainSoft, we’ll take a number of issues into consideration when recommending water purifying systems for your home. For instance, we will:

  • Analyze your water for a wide range of common contaminants, including chlorine, copper, iron, sulfur, lead, and manganese. By identifying exactly which impurities you need to address, we help you avoid wasting money on unnecessary products.
  • Check your pH balance. Imbalanced pH levels can lead to bitter water, even if there are no trace metals or minerals present. We offer systems to help correct pH levels, if your test results indicate that this is the culprit behind your water woes.
  • Help you find a solution for your entire house. Our problem-solving point-of-entry systems filter the water that you’ll use throughout your entire home.
  • Tell you about more targeted treatment options. In addition to a whole-house filter that can address specific water problems, RainSoft also installs water softeners to remove hardness minerals, as well as drinking water systems to provide you and your family with bottle quality water straight from your tap.

For more information about water purifying systems for your home – or to schedule a complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test with your local authorized dealer – contact RainSoft today.