Drinking Water Purifying Systems – Facts & Figures from the EPA

Water Purifying SystemsWhile it does not evaluate or endorse drinking water purification systems from specific manufacturers, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does publish information designed to educate the public on the current state of drinking water purification technology in general. In Filtration Facts, a white paper available for free download on its website, the EPA canvasses a variety of water filtration topics of importance to most Americans. It looks at water purification systems from a variety of angles, including:

  • Cost and maintenance – Prices of drinking water purifiers vary widely, from $20 for a basic, pitcher-style filter to hundreds of dollars for a unit that utilizes state of the art technology. Whatever its cost, any drinking water purifier will require at least some maintenance over the course of its useful life. Most manufacturers provide maintenance schedules and replacement parts for their filters.
  • Performance – Different systems remove different contaminants or classes of contaminants from water. While “point-of-use” purifiers are sufficient in some cases, “point-of-entry” systems that treat all the water that enters a house are sometimes required to remove certain contaminants like radon, iron, chlorine, and agricultural chemicals. The EPA stresses that different water purification systems serve different purposes, and it is up to each individual consumer to select the right one based on his or her specific local water quality conditions.
  • Certification – There are three independent organizations that offer certification for drinking water systems: NSF International, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), and the Water Quality Association. When considering a drinking water system for your home, the EPA advises looking for proof of certification from one or more of these organizations. That way, you can spend your money on a system that you know will work advertised.

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