Water Softener Systems

Systems that soften and condition water also filter the water your family drinks or uses. There are many benefits to installing RainSoft water softener systems, including:

  • Reducing minerals that cause hard water
  • Extending the life of major appliances
  • Saving money on soaps and detergents
  • Remove impurities that a faucet-mounted filter can’t
  • Bottle-quality water convenience without the additional cost or waste of bottles
  • Cleaner, brighter, softer laundry

Whatever your reason is for considering one of RainSoft water softener systems, know that we can help guide you through the process. Expert local dealers are trained to understand RainSoft products and provide solutions for any water concerns. Contact RainSoft today for help in understanding water softener systems.

How Water Softening Systems Work

RainSoft’s focus is providing better tasting water that’s free of unwanted contaminants. That’s why we work hard to research and develop water softener systems that make it easier for good water to be even better. RainSoft’s EC4 water conditioning system is a prime example. This water softener learns your family’s water usage habits to provide the most energy-efficient home water treatment available. It removes calcium and magnesium, both of which are some of the prime causes of hard water, while regenerating itself based on real-time usage.

While EC4 provides complete filtration, conditioning and softening, many homes may want additional filtration for their drinking water. Reverse osmosis water systems provide additional filtration to remove organic contaminants and reduces solids from clay, dirt and sand in water. These drinking water systems filter water three times so water is completely polished and ready to use to make the perfect cup of coffee or dinner for the family. Reverse osmosis systems from RainSoft require no expensive plumbing or new pipe installation and are available in several designer finishes to fit your home dècor. A local RainSoft dealer can help you decide what’s best for your family by providing a free in-home water test.

The Right Water Treatment System

Your first step to better tasting and feeling water is to contact RainSoft and have water treatment professionals analyze what kind of water your family is currently using. RainSoft specializes in customized water conditioning and drinking water systems that meet your family’s exact needs. Whether that means one of our water softener systems or another form of home water treatment, RainSoft experts provide quality service backed by lifetime product warranties on most home water filtration systems. Give your family the best water possible and contact RainSoft for a complimentary drinking water test.

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