Home Air Purification Systems – Not all are Created Equal

Home Air Purification SystemsThe variety of home air purification systems that are out there today is staggering. A casual search online will reveal home air purifier after home air purifier, all touting their ability to rid your house of airborne pollutants and respiratory irritants. But, is it really possible for all air purifiers to purify your air with equal effectiveness? The answer, of course, is no. Residential air purifiers differ widely from one another, both in how they are designed and in how well they actually perform. Before investing in an air purification system, it is recommended that you develop a better understanding of what the different types of home air purifiers can – and cannot – do.

One very important distinction to keep in mind is the difference between portable, room-based air purifiers and those that are designed to purify the air throughout your whole house. Although both remove contaminants from the air, they generally employ different technologies to do so. For example, most of today’s portable room air purifiers use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters to capture airborne contaminants. To qualify as a HEPA filter under U.S. government standards, an air filter must be able to remove 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns or bigger. Whole-house air purifiers, on the other hand, are fitted into the ductwork where they remove airborne contaminants on a larger scale. Some of the more advanced whole-house air purification systems actually use no filter at all. Instead, they use germicidal Ultraviolent (UV) light to destroy all different types of contaminants – everything from germs and viruses to fungi spores and bacteria. Low-power, Ozone-emitting bulbs are also frequently used to completely neutralize a whole host of unwanted household odors, such as those stemming from cigarette smoke, cooking, and pets.

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