EarthSafe Techology

In today’s world, there is more attention being paid to caring for our environment, and a greater understanding of the importance of doing so. RainSoft is aware of the importance of its role in the protection of the world’s scarce water resources and therefore takes great pride in developing and selling products that positively contribute to the preservation of this valuable natural resource. Therefore all RainSoft water treatment products are developed and manufactured in accordance with our Earth Safe Technology philosophy.


We use the EarthSafe Technology label to indicate that:

  • Our products use green technology, based on natural processes, that does not harm the environment;
  • The application of our products results in important direct and indirect sustainable environmental benefits, such as energy saving, reduction of harmful chemicals,…;
  • Our products are designed, manufactured and configured to operate with an unrivaled efficiency.

Our products, based on EarthSafe Technology, truly help businesses and consumers all over the world, to become “greener”, by reducing their ‘ecological footprint’!

That’s what we call “Respecting the world’s water!”