RCUV Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System

RainSoft’s Water Disinfection System Uses Ultraviolet Light Technology to Protect Your Family from Waterborne Cysts, Bacteria & Viruses

The RainSoft RCUV Series system reduces some of the most common microorganisms found in water without the use of chemicals.

The time-tested ultraviolet light technology used in the RCUV water disinfection system will provide many of the same benefits as distillation without removing beneficial minerals from your water. Additionally, unlike chemical treatments, it doesn’t leave behind unwanted residue or by-products that negatively affect the water’s flavor and odor. The system works by bombarding microorganisms with lethal doses of UV light. It is designed for use with visually clear water. Water that enters the UV disinfection system should be filtered to a minimum of 5 microns. Your authorized RainSoft dealer can help determine whether the RCUV Series is the best water treatment solution to meet your needs.

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RAinSoft® RCUV Features & Benefits
Energy-Saving Process

Disinfection requires only a few short seconds of UV light exposure, requiring less energy than a typical household lightbulb. This makes the RCUV highly cost effective to operate.

Almost No Maintenance Required

Replacing the UV lamp once a year is the only service needed to maintain the RCUV system. Your RainSoft dealer will perform this task for you.

Ease of Operation

Visual and audible alarms let you know in advance when it’s time to contact your RainSoft dealer and have your system’s UV lamp replaced.

Step-by-step How Does It Work?
Installation & Water Entry

The RCUV water disinfection unit is installed in your home’s main water line. Water enters the unit and passes into the stainless steel UV light chamber.

UV Light Exposure

The water passes under an ultraviolet lamp that’s centered within a protective quartz sleeve inside the chamber, which is precisely engineered to evenly distribute the UV energy.

Effective Disinfection

Waterborne microbes receive short but lethal blasts of UV light, which destroy bacteria and render many viruses harmless. The disinfected water exits the unit, ready for use throughout the home.

Protection from Waterborne Cysts, Bacteria & Viruses

Understanding UV Water Disinfection

In RainSoft RCUV Series water disinfection systems, an ultraviolet lamp is centered within a protective quartz sleeve in the unit’s precisely engineered and polished stainless steel disinfection chamber. This ensures even distribution of UV energy to all water passing through the unit. Microorganisms are bombarded with a lethal dose of UV light, destroying bacteria and inactivating many viruses.

Ultraviolet disinfection provides many of the same benefits as distillation without removing beneficial minerals from the water. UV disinfects water using high intensity light energy. Unlike chemicals, it does not leave unwanted residuals or by-products in the water. Since there are no chemicals, UV does not affect the taste, odor or clarity of the water. For this reason, UV is often combined with other water treatment devices such as carbon filters, water conditioners and reverse osmosis to provide complete water quality solutions. Incoming water to the ultraviolet disinfection system should be filtered to a minimum of 5 microns. Your authorized RainSoft distributor can assist you in making this determination.

Do not use the RainSoft RCUV Series with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown origin. For such applications,the RainSoft RCUV-NSF Series is required. These systems are not intended to convert wastewater or raw sewage to drinking water. The system is intended to be installed on visually clear water. Your local RainSoft dealer can assist you in making these determinations.


  • High output, low pressure, single UV lamp design.
  • Visual lamp on/off LED indicator.
  • Audible and visual LED alarm.
  • Lamp change reminder with internal 365 day counter.
  • Lamp-out LED alarm.
  • Power connection for optional automatic solenoid safety shut-off valve.
  • Lamp day counter and audible alarm reset.
  • Stainless steel disinfection chamber is electro-polished and passivated to prevent corrosion.
  • Optional UV intensity sensor available onRCUV-M Series.

This literature is not approved for use in California. Please request California-specific literature from your local RainSoft Dealer.

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Tap Water
Enjoy your water the way it ought to be, straight from the faucet!

Does your water taste bad? Does it leave a chalky residue on your counters and fixtures? No matter what problems you’re having with your tap water, RainSoft has the perfect solution.

Drinking Water
No more lugging home bottled water from the store!

A RainSoft drinking water system can supply all the healthy and delicious water your family needs, plus help the environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles in the waste stream.

Ice & Water
Imagine the fresh taste of highly filtered water, conveniently delivered from your refrigerator door.

You can have a RainSoft drinking water system plumbed to your refrigerator’s ice and water dispensers to enjoy that crisp, clean taste in slushies and other frozen treats.

Your dishes can go straight from the dishwasher to the cupboard!

A RainSoft water softener can eliminate filmy stains on glassware and utensils, so they look sparkling clean after your dishwasher’s rinse cycle.

Coffee & Tea
You’ll be amazed at how delicious beverages taste when prepared with RainSoft filtered water.

After your RainSoft drinking water system is installed, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in the flavor of coffee, tea, soup and other refreshments prepared with water from your kitchen.

Tub & Shower
Wash away the effects of a hard day without the hassles of hard water.

Enjoy luxurious lather, softer skin, and manageable hair after washing when you have a RainSoft water conditioner installed in your home.

Discover how better water can help keep your bathroom cleaner.

Are there stubborn stains in your sink or crusty deposits on the faucet? RainSoft softened water will help keep your bathroom fixtures sparkling clean.

Prevent hard water from damaging your toilet and bathroom plumbing.

Over time, the limescale buildup caused by hard water can lead to costly plumbing repairs. A RainSoft water conditioner can help prevent premature wear and tear on your toilet.

Enjoy cleaner laundry and potential cost savings with CleanStart® from RainSoft.

With CleanStart® eco-friendly technology, your washer will get clothes clean with no need for harsh detergents and heated water, thus potentially saving you money on soap and energy bills.

Water Heater
A RainSoft water conditioner can help your water heater last longer.

If your home receives hard water, your water heater must work harder, thus potentially cutting its life expectancy and increasing your energy bills. A RainSoft water softener is the solution.

Improve the taste of chilled water and ice with a RainSoft water purifier.

Bottled water just doesn’t measure up to receiving clean, crisp-tasting water right from your refrigerator door. RainSoft can deliver this convenience by plumbing your purifier to your water and ice dispensers.

Are you tired of seeing filmy spots on your dishes after a wash?

Don’t blame your dishwasher. Hard water leaves a residue that’s especially noticeable on glassware. Eliminate the problem with a RainSoft water conditioner.

Coffee Maker
Your favorite coffee will taste even better when prepared with water from a RainSoft purifier.

A RainSoft water purification system will remove the impurities in your water that can affect the flavor of coffee, tea, and lemonade – leaving you with a much-improved taste sensation!

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