Premium Air Purifier Systems Available for Homeowners in Austin, TX

Air Purifier Austin TXAn air purifier system from RainSoft is an excellent way to remove unwanted impurities from the air of your home in Austin, Texas. Due to the fact that homes are essentially sealed systems, they are more prone to gathering impurities in their air. Concentrated levels of these impurities can cause a number of negative side effects over time, including everything from persistent discomfort to headaches and allergic reactions. In fact, studies conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have shown that a home’s air is typically 4 to 40 times dirtier than outdoor air. In order to address this issue, we created the AirMaster Ultra whole house air purifier. This revolutionary system installs out of sight directly into the ductwork of your home, and runs silently around the clock to ensure that your house’s air stays clean. Instead of using filters like many other air purification systems, the AirMaster Ultra instead relies on cutting-edge Ultraviolet light technology to sterilize your home’s air and remove an incredible range of common airborne contaminants.

Here are just a few of the impurities that our home air purifier can be counted on to eliminate:

  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Pet dander
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungi spores

After these contaminants have been neutralized, the AirMaster Ultra then circulates your home’s air past an Ozone lamp, which removes any foul odors. This clean, fresh-smelling air is then cycled back into your home, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of cleaner air without having to lift a finger. Our air purifier system is not only highly effective, it will never require you to change a filter, needs only 47 watts to run, and the only maintenance it requires is the periodic replacement of its lamps by our highly trained professionals. To top it all off, every AirMaster Ultra air purifier system is backed our industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty, which will help to ensure the security of your new investment.

To learn more about the air purifier systems we offer in Austin, TX, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today.