Home Air Purifier Systems from RainSoft Available in Cleveland, OH

Air Purifier Cleveland OHA RainSoft air purifier system is the perfect solution for removing unwanted odors, allergens, and other airborne particulates from the air inside your home in Cleveland, OH. Whether you’re concerned about excess pet dander, pollen, dust, or even airborne bacteria and mold, our AirMaster Ultra is up to the challenge. An incredibly advanced whole house air purifier system, the AirMaster Ultra doesn’t use any filters, but instead relies two proprietary UV lamps to destroy airborne contaminants. This ultraviolet light technology essentially sterilizes the air, even destroying particles that are too small for most filter-based systems to trap. From there, your home’s air is circulated past an Ozone lamp, which eliminates any unwanted odors, allowing for fresh-smelling, purified air to re-enter your home.

In addition to its unparalleled filtration capabilities, our home air purifier system is also incredibly convenient, providing several additional benefits that help to separate it from other models. Our system:

  • Reduces odors from pets, cooking, and other household sources
  • Requires minimal maintenance – the AirMaster Ultra has no filters for you to change, and only requires periodic maintenance from our highly trained professionals
  • Installs directly into your ductwork and runs silently, which means that the system will be out of sight and never disrupt your daily routine
  • Will run as long as your home’s HVAC system is on, which means it can work around the clock if you so choose
  • And more

To learn more about the AirMaster Ultra air purifier system, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer in Cleveland, OH, today.