The AirMaster Ultra Air Purifier System from RainSoft – How Does it Work?

Air Purifier SystemRainSoft’s AirMaster Ultra is a whole-house air purifier system, meaning it will purify the air throughout your entire home, not just single rooms. The AirMaster Ultra is a duct-mounted home air purifier that is designed to operate silently and out of sight, purifying air whenever your HVAC system is running. Unlike disposable mechanical filters, which do little more than trap particles, the AirMaster Ultra employs UV light and Ozone technology to kill and sterilize airborne contaminants. Mold, mildew, bacteria, fungi spores, viruses, pet dander – RainSoft’s state-of-the-art air purifier system effectively wipes them out of existence. The AirMaster Ultra also neutralizes unwanted smells such as those from smoking, cooking, and household pets.

The following is a brief description of how this innovative air purifier works:

  • As stated, the AirMaster Ultra is duct-mounted. It eliminates odors, freshens stale air, and kills many common airborne contaminants.
  • Air passes over a specialized ultraviolent lamp that kills mold, fungus, viruses, and other pollutants.
  • Next, an Ozone lamp neutralizes odors, leaving the air fresh smelling.

The AirMaster Ultra also requires just 47 watts of power to operate, which is less than a standard incandescent light bulb. Additionally, the only maintenance required is periodic lamp replacement, a service that can be performed by your local authorized RainSoft dealer.

To learn more about the AirMaster Ultra and the benefits of investing in a whole-house air purifier system, contact RainSoft today. As with our other products, the AirMaster Ultra is assembled in the U.S.A. and backed by our industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.