Reducing the Strain Placed on Your Lungs with an Air Treatment System

Air Treatment SystemA whole house air treatment system is the fastest and most surefire way for homeowners to ensure that they and their loved ones are avoiding placing undue strain on their lungs. According to studies conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the air inside a home can be anywhere from 4 to 40 times dirtier than outdoor air. This is primarily due to the fact that homes are closed systems, which means that airborne contaminants that would simply disperse in outdoor air instead are trapped and left to accumulate over time. As a result, indoor air can trigger more frequent and severe allergic and asthmatic reactions, and even if you’re not prone to these ailments, it can irritate noses, throats, and eyes, and cause excess mucus production, headaches, and nausea. What’s more, in the case of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are often chemical byproducts of paint or cleaning agents, long-term exposure to certain airborne contaminants can cause chronic respiratory issues and pose a risk for other serious conditions.

In order to avoid subjecting your lungs to this level of long-term stress, finding an air treatment system that can address your most pressing concerns is important. While HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters are effective at removing dust, pollen, and pet dander from the air, they may not be as successful when it comes to microscopic impurities like bacteria and mold, or chemical contaminants like the aforementioned VOCs. In order to ensure complete protection from these impurities, an antibacterial or germicidal air treatment system may provide the coverage that you need. When combined with a pre-filter to trap any particulate contaminants, these systems provide unparalleled protection by using Ultraviolet light technology to safely and completely sterilize the air, eradicating microscopic contaminants completely. In fact, these filters are often used at hospitals, medical facilities, clean labs, and schools, testifying to their superior effectiveness.

At RainSoft, our AirMaster Ultra whole house air treatment system uses this very same advanced UV light technology to completely purify your home’s air. Our system also incorporates an Ozone lamp, which will treat your air after it has been purified in order to safely remove any remaining odors, helping to make it as fresh-smelling as it is clean.

For more information about how a state-of-the-art RainSoft air treatment system can help you breathe easier in your own home, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today.