Homeowners throughout Cleveland, OH can Contact RainSoft for a Complimentary In-Home Water Hardness and Drinking Water Test

Drinking Water Test Cleveland OH

Whether your drinking water comes from a private well or a Cleveland, OH public utilities company, a complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test from RainSoft can help ensure that it’s at its best. Our tests can identify a wide range of unwanted contaminants in your water supply, and because we don’t believe you should have to pay to find out what you’re drinking, we’ll conduct the analysis free of charge.

Our water tests can pinpoint a number of water quality concerns. These include high concentrations of volatile organic chemicals and natural minerals, added chlorine and fluoride, and even trace metals that have leached into your drinking water from your pipes. Best yet, we can provide you with prompt and easy-to-understand results.

With your drinking water test in mind, our water quality experts can then help you select the right products to create an effective treatment system that fully meets your needs. RainSoft offers a full selection of water treatment systems, including:

  • Drinking water filters
  • Problem-solving filters (for atypical issues such as iron and sulfur)
  • Water conditioners

Our drinking water systems can be installed directly beneath your kitchen sink, or they can be placed out of sight in your basement. We can even connect your new drinking water filter to your refrigerator, so that high-quality chilled water and ice cubes are available at the push of a button.

All it takes to get started is a complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test. To schedule yours today, just contact RainSoft of Cleveland, Ohio.