Home Water Filtration Systems can Help Improve Problem Water

Home Water FiltrationIf you’re dealing with problem water, a home water filtration system can help you address your water quality concerns. Tap water can contain a wide range of additives and impurities, even if it has been treated and sanitized by a utility company. By investing in a filtration system for your home, however, you’ll be able to remove unwanted contaminants from your water, whatever they may be.

Problem-solving filters are ideal for a variety of water issues, such as:

  • A chlorine taste or odor
  • A reddish or “murky” copper hue
  • A metallic iron flavor
  • A sulfuric smell or flavor
  • A black or gray manganese tint
  • A bitter taste caused by low pH

Whole house water filtration can also help with chloramines (additives that were used for disinfection purposes and are no longer needed) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With a home water filtration system, the water that comes out of your tap will be healthier for you and your family, and you won’t have to worry about dealing with the problems associated with metals, minerals, and chemicals that might be present in your water.

Because water properties vary greatly from home to home (and are heavily influenced by the source of the water itself), no single water filtration system is right for every situation. Sometimes, a single problem-solving filter is all that’s necessary; other times, a combination of filters, softeners, and drinking water systems may be more appropriate. It’s typically best to start with a comprehensive water analysis, and then seek out a filtration system that’s designed to address your specific water-quality concerns.

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