Whole House Water Filtration Systems from RainSoft Provide Solutions for Problem Water

House Water Filtration SystemsWhole house water filtration systems from RainSoft have been helping families address problem water since 1953. While municipal water, and even most well water, in the U.S. is safe for human use, contamination can and does happen. Before reaching your home, your water could be picking up a variety of impurities as it flows through the soil and municipal water systems. You may or may not be aware of these contaminants and additives, such as:

  • Hydrogen sulfide – If the air is permeated with a rotten egg odor whenever you turn on the tap, this may indicate the presence of hydrogen sulfide in your water. This contaminant could be a by-product of sulfur-reducing bacteria in the groundwater. As these bacteria derive energy from the sulfur available in decaying plants, rocks, and soil, they chemically alter the sulfur and produce hydrogen sulfide. While hydrogen sulfide usually does not pose a health risk, many homeowners regard its presence in their water as a nuisance.
  • Sediment – Visible cloudiness or haziness in your water could be caused by suspended particles, such as sand, silt, clay, loose scale, organic material, and insoluble iron and manganese. Usually the result of eroding soil and decomposing plants and animals, these particles can be carried great distances by water flow, ice, and wind – and right on through your home faucet.
  • Chlorine – A highly effective disinfectant, the chlorine added to many public water systems serves an important role in eliminating waterborne bacteria from the water supply. After the chlorination process is complete, however, the residual chlorine can create aesthetic problems, such as a strong smell or distinctive taste, when the water reaches its point of use – your home. It can also be the source of Trihalomethanes, a byproduct of chlorine reacting with organic matter often found in water distribution systems.

These are just a few examples of the issues that can be addressed by RainSoft’s whole house water filtration systems, which deliver improved water throughout all areas of the home, including the kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms.

Contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer if you would like to learn more about enhancing the quality of the water in your residence. One of our expert water treatment professionals will be happy to perform a complimentary in-home water test to determine if you could benefit from the installation of one of RainSoft’s premium whole house water filtration systems. We’ll help you tailor a solution specifically to meet the needs of your family, which may include a soft water conditioner, one of our drinking water purifying systems, or an air treatment system, in addition to one of our whole house filtration systems.