Whole House Water Systems: What Consumers Need to Know

Whole House Water SystemsWhole house water systems are not created equal, and for good reason. Region to region, state to state, even neighborhood to neighborhood, water quality problems that families experience can differ significantly. That is precisely why there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” water treatment solution, or a single product that is capable of addressing all water quality issues, problems, and concerns. And that is also why influential product-testing organizations like NSF International heavily promote consumer education when it comes to investing in something that can have such a direct impact on human wellness like an in-home water treatment system. According to NSF International, choosing a water treatment system should only be done after you’ve taken the time to thoroughly understand the following factors:

  • Contaminant reduction need – The first step in buying a home water treatment system is coming to terms with your specific water treatment needs. This can be accomplished by obtaining a copy of your locality’s Consumer Confident Report (CCR) or by having your water professionally tested.
  • Product type – Residential water treatment products come in two basic varieties: point-of-entry (POE) systems that treat most or all of the water that enters a house, and point-of-use (POU) systems that treat water in small batches at the point of consumption. POU systems encompass personal water bottles with built-in filters, pitcher-style filters, plumbed-in faucet purifiers, and refrigerator filters.
  • Filter replacement – Always bear in mind that different water filtration/purification systems have different maintenance requirements. Variables such filter replacement, parts replacement, and manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules all affect a system’s long-term durability, effectiveness, and cost.

For help understanding the differences among whole house water systems and assistance with selecting a product – or combination of products – that is right for your family, please contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer. Since 1953, RainSoft has developed state-of-the-art water treatment solutions for families across North America and around the globe, including drinking water purification systems, point-of-entry (POE) systems, and water softeners.