Whole House Water Systems Generally Include Several Devices that Serve Different Important Functions

Whole House Water SystemsThe term “whole house water systems” is most often used to describe collections products that work in conjunction with one another inside the home to produce water that enhances the enjoyment of everyday household activities. Taking a shower, doing laundry, washing dishes, and brewing a pot of coffee are just some of the common household activities that can vastly be improved by the installation of a whole house water system. Today’s water treatment products range from simple “pitcher-style” filters to point-of-entry (POE) systems that treat all the water that enters the house.

Let’s look at the most common types of water treatment products, each one designed to perform a specific function:

  • Disinfection systems – These products utilize disinfecting agents to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. Most use chlorine, although ultraviolet and ozone systems are also relatively common.
  • Carbon filters – A carbon filter is used for removing organic compounds, which are the main culprits behind water taste and odor problems.
  • Physical filters – Typically made of fabric, ceramic, or other screening material, physical filters are relatively basic devices that take out things like grit, dirt, sediment, and rust.
  • Distillers – Water distillation technologies produce water that is nearly 100 percent pure, although they are highly inefficient and are almost never used in residential settings.
  • Reverse osmosis systems – Reverse osmosis systems, which are up to 95 percent effective, are normally used in the kitchen for the purposes of purifying water for drinking and cooking with.
  • Water softeners – Hard water is a common issue that bedevils homeowners across America. It can damage skin and hair, damage laundered fabrics, and cause limescale buildup to form inside of pipes and water-using appliances. Water softeners remove “hard” minerals from water and thus eliminate these kinds of nuisances.

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