Installing a Household Water Filtration System and Water Softener May Lead to Shinier, Softer Hair

Household Water Filtration SystemFor families that rely on unfiltered water, a household water filtration system and water softener are capable of improving several aspects of daily life, like cleaning dishes and washing clothes. But, did you know equipping your home with a problem-solving water filter and water softener can improve the look and feel of your hair, too? By removing harsh minerals often found in water, your locks may display more shine, have more bounce and volume, and feel silkier to the touch.

It’s true – installing a whole house water filtration system and water softener to improve shower water can lead to softer, healthier hair without splurging on pricey products and treatments. This is because both municipal and well water can contain several natural minerals that tend to cling to hair strands and cause dryness. Common problematic water minerals that can be removed with a whole house water filter and water softener include:

  • Iron – Not only can iron make hair feel brittle, it hinders hair coloring products from working properly and may darken untreated hair slightly. Blond hair may even begin to display an orange, brassy tint after too much exposure to iron.
  • Calcium – Just as this mineral leaves deposits in pipes and appliances, calcium can build up on your scalp and make your hair look dull and lifeless. It can also break off in pieces and appear as dandruff. In cases where calcium has accumulated heavily around hair follicles, it can slow hair growth and even prompt hair loss.
  • Copper – Copper can bond tightly to hair and weigh it down. This mineral may also inhibit the effectiveness of chemical hair treatments and colors.
  • And more

So, before you pin your less-than-dazzling locks on your shampoo or hairstyling habits, consider the quality of water you’re using to cleanse your hair. If you’re ready to invest in a household water filtration system and water softener to address the problem water in your home, turn to the company that has stood at the forefront of the home water treatment industry since 1953 – RainSoft. Your local authorized RainSoft dealer can help you select the right problem-solving water filtration for your home, and your hair.