Is My Water Contaminated?

Is My Water Contaminated?If you have been noticing problems caused by the water in your home, such as water that has a strong odor or unpleasant taste, you may be wondering if your water is contaminated.

If your home receives its water from a municipal water source, then by law the water needs to be safe to drink and bathe in, so this water will not harm you. However, some city water does have trace amounts of chlorine added to it to ensure that it remains disinfected on its journey from the supply source to your home. But, once the water has entered your home the chlorine has done its job and ingesting it is not necessary. Many people find the taste of this chlorine to be unpleasant.

If you get your water from a well, then it is possible you notice an odor similar to that of rotten eggs in your water. This is caused by the presence of sulfur, which develops when bacteria grows in the well. Additionally, if you notice that your water has a metallic taste and leaves behind reddish brown stains, it is likely due to the presence of iron in the water, which can also develop from bacteria or from oxidation of other minerals in that have seeped from the earth into the groundwater.

The best way to determine whether your water is contaminated is to have a water test performed by an experienced technician. RainSoft’s experts can determine what contaminants are present in your water, then advise you on the best water treatment system that will ensure your water is of a much higher quality. Plus, most of our products carry a contaminant reduction certification from the Water Quality Association, a third party organization that verifies water treatment products work as advertised. To learn more, contact RainSoft today to schedule a complimentary in-home water test.