Is My Water Hard?

Is My Water Hard?If you have noticed any issues in your home as a result of your home’s water supply, you may be wondering if your water is hard. Some of these issues can include cloudy water stains left behind on dishes after washing, soap scum build up in tubs that is difficult to clean, and crusty residue build up on faucets. In addition to these annoyances, hard water can also reduce the lifespan of your water-using appliances, as the pumps, pipes, and filters also suffer from a crusty build up being left behind, making them work less effectively.

If you have been noticing any of these issues, then it is possible that you have hard water. The cause of hard water is the presence of calcium and magnesium in the water, as traces of these minerals are left behind after the water goes down the drain. The best way to relieve yourself of water hardness problems is to treat the water as it enters your home, so that all your faucets and water-using appliances are being fed softened water.

RainSoft’s expert technicians can perform a water test in your home free of charge that will determine whether you have hard water. They will also be able to demonstrate the difference between hard water and conditioned water, so that you can see the benefits for yourself. Then, our expert can recommend the best water softener to solve your hard water problems. To find out if you water is hard, contact RainSoft today for a complimentary in-home water test.