Owning CleanStart® Means No More Laundry Detergent Ever Again

No More Laundry DetergentCleanStart® is a cost-effective and eco-friendly laundry solution that will make it possible to enjoy a life with no more laundry detergent. Developed by RainSoft, one of the most reputable names in the residential water treatment industry, CleanStart® is specifically designed to take harsh cleaning product chemicals totally out of the laundry equation. In place of detergent, which can be irritating to babies and others with sensitive skin, CleanStart® uses Activated Oxygen – one of the most effective disinfecting agents found in nature. The cleaning power of the CleanStart® detergent-free laundry system significantly reduces and often completely eliminates the need to use chemical-laden cleaning products, including detergent, detergent boosters, fabric softeners, and bleach. In fact, CleanStart® is arguably the best hypoallergenic laundry detergent alternative presently on the market, as even many detergents that bill themselves as being hypoallergenic and/or “all natural” do contain chemicals that can cause skin irritation in some people.

What other benefits does CleanStart® offer? Here are just a few:

  • Energy savings – Because CleanStart® only requires cold water to get clothes clean, it eliminates the energy required to create warm or hot wash water.
  • Longer-lasting clothes – Though conventional detergent is effective at cleaning clothes, the chemicals that are in it can be extremely tough on clothing fibers. With CleanStart®, your family’s clothes will look brighter and last longer.
  • Money savings – Though actual dollar amount savings will, of course, vary from home to home, we have estimated that CleanStart® can save a family of four approximately $6,500 over a 10-year period. Detergent, bleach, hot water – CleanStart® doesn’t require any of these expensive things to get clothes clean.
  • Versatility – CleanStart® is compatible with front loaders, top loaders, and high efficiency washing machine models.

Tired of having to buy and use laundry detergent? Say no more with CleanStart®, a highly effective detergentless laundry system available exclusively from your local authorized RainSoft dealer.