Today’s Home Filtration Systems can Address Virtually any Water Problem

Home Filtration SystemsPoint-of-entry (POE) home filtration systems are relied on by families throughout North America who wish to ensure that they have round-the-clock access to the cleanest and healthiest water possible. A POE water filtration system is one that is designed to connect to your home’s main water supply pipe, treating your water at its point of entry. The primary benefit of installing a POE system is that fresh, clean water will be available throughout your whole house whenever it is needed. Filtering/treating water at its point of entry has the added advantage of protecting your indoor plumbing and water-using appliances from certain types of water-related damage, such as pipe blockages caused by limescale buildup and corroded sacrificial anodes inside your water heater(s).

According to NSF International, an independent organization that tests and certifies a wide range of consumer products for safety, not all home filtration systems for water are equally effective at treating the same contaminants. For that reason, you should first have your water professionally tested before you invest a POE water filter. Knowing the exact makeup of the water your family uses on a daily basis will arm you with the information you need to select the best POE filtration system for your family’s needs. Chlorine, lead, iron, sulfur, manganese, nitrates, sediment – these are just some of the contaminants and additives that can be addressed by today’s technologically advanced POE filtration systems. Water softeners, another category of POE system, are specifically designed to remove hardness minerals and make water “soft.”

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