For Water that is Luxuriously Soft, a Water Conditioner from RainSoft Will Meet and Exceed Your Expectations

Soft Water ConditionerWith a RainSoft water conditioner, soft water will be available – in a luxurious and unlimited supply – for you and your family to enjoy throughout your home. Since 1953, RainSoft has been dedicated to producing “The World’s Finest Water Treatment” and superior customer satisfaction across the globe. Through many decades of constant research and development, RainSoft has been able to perfect a wide range of point-of-use water softening and conditioning equipment, resulting in the finest systems available on the market today.

You may be wondering if you need water that is soft, or a water conditioner, at all. In many residential areas, homeowners must face the nuisances of dealing with hard water, which contains the minerals calcium and magnesium. The “hardness” of water refers to the amount of these minerals that are present in the water. Because hard minerals can prevent soaps from lathering and creating suds, cleaning with water that has high amounts of calcium and magnesium is considered to be difficult, or “hard.” As such, hard water can create many household problems, including:

  • Spotty deposits left behind after washing glassware, dishes, and cooking pots.
  • A difficult-to-remove grayish-white film that coats faucets, shower curtains, and other bathroom surfaces.
  • Soapy residue that doesn’t rinse away after washing, leaving your laundry, skin, and hair looking dull, and irritating your skin.
  • Mineral build-up in pipes and even in water-using appliances, such as water heaters and dishwashers, which can inhibit heat transfer and thus force those appliances to work harder.

Essentially, to make water soft, a water conditioner works by exchanging the hardness ions in the water for sodium or potassium ions. If you’ve noticed any of the problems listed above, an authorized RainSoft dealer can help you enjoy the benefits of water that is soft with a water conditioner that meets your needs. The RainSoft EC4 Series makes the most efficient use of energy, water, and salt (or potassium) by automatically eliminating unnecessary regeneration cycles. We also offer our TC Series, which provides many of the same water-softening benefits as the EC4 Series and regenerates based on a preset electronic timer.

To learn more about making your home’s water soft with a water conditioner, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer, who will be pleased to provide you with a complimentary in-home water test, along with further information about other RainSoft solutions, such as our premium house water filtration systems and drinking water systems, as well as our air filtration system and air treatment system options.