More Than Just a UV Air Purifier, RainSoft’s AirMaster Ultra Uses Dual-Lamp Technology to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

UV Air PurifierRainSoft’s AirMaster Ultra is no ordinary UV air purifier. Unlike other home air purification systems that rely solely on UV technology, this cutting-edge product is equipped with two lamps that are designed to effectively rid your home of airborne contaminants and odors. Mounted out of sight in your home’s ductwork, the AirMaster Ultra uses a UV air purifier lamp along with an oxidizer lamp to kill, sterilize, and neutralize mold, bacteria, pollen, pet smells, and other contaminants. Unlike so-called mechanical filters, which do nothing more than trap particulate matter, the AirMaster Ultra actually destroys pollutants as they pass through the UV light spectrum. This technology can be especially beneficial if you smoke or have pets, which can produce pungent odors not readily eliminated by air fresheners, electrostatic air filters, and other less sophisticated devices.

Here is a brief description of how RainSoft’s AirMaster Ultra works:

  • The unit, which contains two lamps – a UV lamp and an oxidizer – will be installed in your home’s air ducts.
  • Whenever air is flowing, the two energy efficient lamps will neutralize airborne contaminants and eliminate odors from pets, cooking, smoking, and other household sources.
  • Operational status will be indicated by an LED panel.
  • The AirMaster Ultra will operate silently and out of sight, treating your entire home as opposed to just individual rooms.

To learn more about what sets the AirMaster Ultra apart from any other UV air purifier on the market, contact a RainSoft dealer near you for more information on this premium dual-lamp whole house air purifier system. RainSoft is also proud to offer problem-solving household water filters, water softeners, drinking water systems, and more.