You Will Find the Best Water Conditioner Systems in Chicago, IL at RainSoft

Water Conditioner Chicago ILEvery RainSoft water conditioner is the culmination of more than a half century of product innovation. Founded on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois, in 1953, RainSoft has long been committed to manufacturing the finest water conditioning equipment available in North America. Owning a RainSoft water conditioner means more than just owning a product, however. Behind all RainSoft water conditioners stands a company that offers unparalleled customer support and one of the best product warranties in the residential water treatment business. Purchase a RainSoft product and you will not simply be a RainSoft customer. Rather, you will be a member of the RainSoft family, benefiting from world-class customer service for as long as you own your RainSoft water conditioner system.

Also known as water softeners, our water conditioners use a process called ion exchange to eliminate excess hardness minerals. Water is described as “hard” when it has as high mineral content. Although generally harmless to human health, hard water is undesirable for various reasons. For example, hard water:

  • Causes calcification to form on just about anything it comes into contact with, including bathroom and kitchen surfaces, faucets, water heaters, dishwashers, coffee makers, and pipes
  • Prevents soaps and shampoos from developing a rich lather
  • Leaves skin feeling dry and hair weighed down
  • Causes unsightly water spots to form on glasses, dishes, and silverware

At RainSoft, we have two water conditioner models that help to eliminate these and other problems. We offer the EC4, which is fully automated, and the TC Series, which is run by an easily programmable electronic timer. Both produce an unlimited supply of luxuriously softened water for use throughout the home.

To learn more about the premium, whole-house water conditioner systems available from RainSoft in Chicago, IL, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today.