How a Water Conditioner Can Extend the Life of the Ice Maker in Your Richmond, VA, Home

Water Conditioner Richmond VAA water conditioner that treats the water entering your home in Richmond, Virginia, isn’t just beneficial to the people in the home, but also benefits the appliances that utilize water. This includes freezers with automatic ice makers, since these appliances draw from the home’s water supply in order to create the ice.

A water conditioner works by removing the calcium and magnesium ions in the water and replacing them with harmless sodium or potassium ions. The calcium and magnesium are what make water “hard.” Hard water leaves behind a residue of these substances on virtually any surface it touches. By removing these substances with a water conditioner, it becomes “soft,” which means instead of leaving residue and limescale buildup, the water will rinse more cleanly. What this means for the ice maker in your Richmond home is:

  • The pumps, filter, and other mechanisms will not be susceptible to the limescale buildup that can cause these components to stop working over time
  • There will no longer be the need to clean limescale residue off the ice bin
  • Without clogs and buildup, the ice maker does not have to work as hard to produce ice, which reduces the amount of energy used by your freezer
  • The ice will not contain contaminants that make it cloudy, resulting in clearer, more appealing ice

A water conditioner will also lengthen the life of the other water-using appliances in your home, such as the dish washer and washing machine. Without the limescale buildup forming on the working parts of these machines, you can find that they work better and produce more desirable results.

If you’d like to learn more about whether a water conditioner is right for your Richmond, VA, home, turn to RainSoft. Your nearest authorized RainSoft dealer will be happy to perform a water quality test and determine the right system for you.