How a Water Softener and Water Filter for the Home Can Work Together

Water Filter For HomeYou might know what a point-of-entry water filter for the home does, and you might know what the function of a water softener is, but did you know that these two products actually work together to provide better quality water for your home that rinses more cleanly? As water enters your home, it can be first passed through a filter before entering the softener. Depending on what kind of water issues you’re dealing with at your house, this two-step process might be necessary because the two systems actually treat different problems in your water.

A water filter for the home also can be a standalone product, depending on your water needs. Even municipal water, which is safe to drink, is not completely free of contaminants. Some of the substances that can be treated by whole house filter systems include:

  • Sediment
  • Runoff from pesticides
  • Chemicals that have seeped into ground water
  • Sulfur
  • Iron
  • Nitrates

You may notice, however, that neither calcium nor magnesium are on that list. These are the minerals that cause hard water. Hard water results in limescale build up on your sinks, tubs, and water-using appliances. Hard water can also leave your skin and hair feeling dry and brittle after a shower. A water softener uses a process called ion exchange to replace the hardness mineral ions with harmless sodium ions.

By passing water through a whole-house filter first, several contaminants can be initially removed, providing the softener with cleaner water. Because the initial filter has already removed some of the contaminants present, the softener is better able to do its job and will last longer than if the municipal water were simply fed straight into the softener.

If you feel that you have problem water and wonder if a softener and water filter for your home might solve the issues, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today for a complimentary in-home water test.