A Water Filter System can be an Effective Solution for Household Water Problems

Water Filter SystemA water filter system that’s installed at the main point-of-entry where water comes into the home can target many household water problems that less sophisticated filters routinely miss. Often effective at removing common additives like chlorine, as well as a host of impurities, such as iron, sulfur, manganese, and sediment, a high-quality whole house water filtration system can serve as a homeowner’s first line of defense against impure water.

Almost every household can benefit from a water filter system because all sources of water – including municipal supplies and privately owned wells – contain some level of manmade and naturally occurring contaminants. The reason is that water is a universal solvent that can dissolve and absorb virtually any substance it comes into contact with. Consider that, as water travels from its source to a home, it makes its way through multiple layers of soil and ground rock. Additionally, public water meanders through a maze of aging municipal pipes constructed of various metals before it reaches its final dispensation point – a household tap.

The most effective water filter system for addressing these issues is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, but rather is a customized, multi-stage solution that is designed to meet the specific requirements of a particular household. The composition of water can vary greatly from region to region, and even from home to home, because it is affected by many local factors, including:

  • Natural soil content
  • Pesticide and fertilizer use
  • Agricultural run-off
  • Industrial waste
  • Mining activities
  • Hazardous by-products of gas stations and dry cleaners
  • Improperly disposed of household waste
  • And more

To the average homeowner, all of this might seem a bit overwhelming. For help in choosing the most appropriate water filtration system, a homeowner can consult with a local water expert who can perform a professional water test, explain the results, and recommend suitable treatment options.

The water treatment professionals at RainSoft have been making good water better for homeowners since 1953. For a complimentary, in-home water analysis and personalized recommendation on the best water filter system for your home, contact a local authorized RainSoft dealer today.