Water Filtration Systems Can Eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds and Other Troublesome Impurities

Water Filtration SystemsWhen considering whether water filtration systems are right for your home, it’s important to first know where your water comes from. If your water comes from a public municipal treatment facility, the chances are very good that it is entirely safe to drink, since these facilities are subject to strict government oversight and legally mandated testing and filtration. However, if your water comes from a well or private aquifer, you may need to consider researching water filtration systems. That’s because, except on rare occasions, most private water sources are not regulated or protected by government oversight, and may be full of all kinds of potential contaminants. Indeed, even municipal water can become tainted after it leaves the treatment facility and makes its way to your home, depending on what conditions it is exposed to (such as sediment and corroded pipes) in transit.

Perhaps the most troubling type of contaminant that can possibly enter into your home’s water supply is volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. While few VOCs are water soluble, the ones that are capable of dissolving in water pose a wide array of long- and short-term health risks. Benzene, styrene, ethyl chloride, and other VOCs are all possible waterborne contaminants, and enter residential water supplies as runoff from nearby oil operations like fracking or as solvents from manufacturing processes. Whole house water filtration systems can provide a comprehensive defense against these potentially harmful chemical agents, using an array of advanced filters to treat your entire home’s water supply and ensuring that the water you and your loved ones use every day is as sanitary as possible.

At RainSoft, we’re proud to be an industry leader in the home water treatment industry, and offer a wide array of problem-solving water filtration systems that treat VOCs as well as iron, manganese, sulfur, and a wide range of other impurities. To find out how our systems can help make your water better, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today.