Is My Water Hard or Soft?

Is My Water Hard or Soft?Many people are concerned with the quality of the water in their home, which is understandable since the water is used for bathing in, washing the dishes the family eats off of, laundering clothes, and of course drinking. One water quality issue that you may have heard is water hardness. If you aren’t sure what hard water is, this can lead you to wonder – is my water hard or soft?

Hard water can pose numerous issues, so if you notice any of these issues in your home it is possible you have hard water. These include a stubborn soap scum build up on bath tubs, cloudy water stains left behind on dishes after washing, and a crusty build up on faucets. Hard water can also affect your bathing habits, as soaps do not lather as easily causing you to use more. These issues are caused by the presence of calcium and magnesium in the water, which are left behind on the surfaces that the water touches. In fact, over time hard water can be truly detrimental, because your water-using appliances can become clogged with calcium and magnesium buildup, causing them to work harder, use more energy, and possibly even break down.

Soft water is the resulting product of hard water that has been treated by a water conditioning system. By removing the minerals that cause build up and stains, the water rinses away cleanly and soaps lather more effectively.

To find out if the water in your home is hard, turn to RainSoft. Our expert technicians can perform a water test to determine whether you have hard water and what the best water conditioning system for you is. To learn more, contact RainSoft today to schedule a complimentary in-home water test.