For a Complimentary Water Hardness Test, Austin, TX, Homeowners Should Contact RainSoft

Water Hardness Test Austin TXA water hardness test from RainSoft can reveal which – if any – hardness minerals are present in your Austin, TX water. These minerals can’t be detected by the senses, but RainSoft’s complimentary testing service can pinpoint them right on the spot.

Since 1953, we’ve been helping homeowners determine exactly what’s in their water – and what they can do to make it better. We believe that you deserve to know what kind of hardness minerals are present in your water, how high the concentrations are, and whether or not you’re dealing with any related problems as a result.

Whenever it’s convenient for you, our Austin water testing team will come out and take a sample directly from your kitchen sink. From there, we’ll test your water for a full range of hardness minerals, along with several other potential contaminants.

We’ll explain the results, but perhaps more importantly, we’ll explain what they actually mean for you and your family. For instance, if your water hardness test reveals that there’s a high level of calcium in your water, we’ll walk you through the issues that the excess minerals may be causing, including:

  • A stubborn buildup on your showers and sinks
  • A perpetually “spotty” appearance on your glasses and dishware
  • Appliances that are breaking frequently or not working as efficiently as they should
  • Dull, dingy laundry and linens

With your water hardness test results as a guide, we’ll recommend a tailored treatment system to improve your water hardness levels. RainSoft offers several high-performance water softeners with options for every lifestyle and budget, and each one has been Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association. We’ll even back your purchase with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

To schedule your complimentary water hardness test in Austin, Texas, just call RainSoft. Your local authorized dealer will make a testing appointment that works best with your schedule.