An In-Home Water Hardness Test Performed by the Experts at RainSoft can Illuminate Potential Problems in Your Home in Union, NJ

Water Hardness Test Union NJA complimentary water hardness test performed by the water treatment experts at RainSoft in Union, New Jersey, can uncover potentially troublesome issues with your water, and also help you determine what to do about them. You’ve probably heard about hard water before; if not, it’s simply a way of describing a water supply that contains higher-than-normal levels of ionized minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals, which are commonly found in the rock and soil in many parts of the country, can leech into the groundwater and travel along with it to your home and through your faucets. A water hardness test can provide information about the mineral concentration levels in your water, which can help you choose an appropriate water treatment solution.

Calcium and magnesium are present in the ground throughout the Union, NJ, area, so it’s a good idea to have a water hardness test performed by a local expert like RainSoft. Perhaps you’re somewhat skeptical. After all, calcium and magnesium sound pretty harmless. In truth, water hardness minerals are perfectly safe for human consumption. The problem with hard water, though, is the damage that it can potentially cause inside your home. For example:

  • Hardness minerals are highly abrasive and can stain dishes and cutlery and leave behind a foggy film on glassware, and even on your windows if you wash them with hard water.
  • When hard water is heated, the minerals within it precipitate and form a scale that is not only unsightly, but can also clog and damage plumbing systems, fixtures, and water-using appliances.
  • Elevated mineral levels in water can make cleaning chores more difficult. Calcium and magnesium ions react with soaps and detergents, rendering them less effective and causing them to leave behind a tough-to-remove soap scum.
  • Hard water can even cause swimming pool filtration systems to malfunction, and create a telltale scale ring around the inside edge of a pool.

If you’ve noticed any or all of these problems, or you’d simply like to learn more about the composition of your water, a local authorized RainSoft dealer will be pleased to perform a water hardness test at no cost to you.

To make an appointment for a water hardness test, contact RainSoft in Union, NJ, today.