Considering a Drinking Water System for Your Houston, TX, Home? Choose RainSoft for the Best Technology in the Industry

Water Purifying System Houston TXIf you’re investing in a water purifying system for your Houston, Texas, home, RainSoft can provide you with the best equipment in the industry. Using advanced features such as reverse osmosis technology, our water refining systems can give you delicious water that you and your family will be delighted to drink. In practically no time at all, RainSoft will ensure you’ll be enjoying delicious, bottle-quality water right from your kitchen tap.

Our drinking water systems have been Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association. Widely recognized for their contaminant reduction capabilities, our drinking water purifiers are an appropriate solution for a wide range of quality concerns. For instance, a RainSoft water purifying system can help you address:

  • Chlorinated water with a strong taste or odor
  • Fluoride-enriched water that you would prefer not to consume
  • Dull-looking water with residual sediment

By reducing chlorine, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), and other undesirable elements from the water that comes out of your kitchen tap, our drinking water systems can provide you with healthier, higher quality water. We’ll help you identify the primary contaminants in your Houston drinking water, and then help you select the RainSoft solution that’ll be best for your home.

With an impressive efficiency rating and VOC reduction capacity, our Ultrefiner II reverse osmosis water purifying system is our most popular model. This system uses a triple purification process to provide you with tap water that’s as good as – if not better than – bottled water. You’ll notice the difference in everything you make with it, from your ice cubes to your coffee.

If a more compact, economical system would be appropriate for your needs, our Hydrefiner II system offers reliable carbon filtration. Compressed activated carbons will provide you with water that’s free from chlorine tastes and odors, as well as additional filtration for more than 50 VOCs.

Interested in additional information about your preferred water purifying system? Call us today to discover the best ways to improve your drinking water.

RainSoft’s Water Quality Experts Can Help You Find the Right Water Purifying System for Your Houston, TX, Home