Why Buy a RainSoft Water Softener System for Your Home in Dallas, TX?

Water Softener Dallas TXA whole-house water softener from RainSoft in Dallas, TX, can significantly reduce water hardness and all the adverse side effects that go along with it. “Hard” minerals like magnesium and calcium – when present in water in high concentrations – can inhibit soap’s ability to lather, leave unsightly spots on glasses and dishes, cause your skin and hair to feel dry and itchy, and form buildup inside your plumbing and water-using appliances. Through a process called ion exchange, a RainSoft water softener can remove these minerals from your water and give your family an unlimited supply of luxurious soft water throughout your home.

RainSoft has a water softener system to perfectly accommodate the size of your home and your family’s particular water usage needs. In Dallas, Texas, we offer the following models:

  • EC4 Series – These RainSoft water softeners have smart-feature microprocessor controllers that soften water in real-time in response to actual water usage. Because they are fully automated, our EC4 Series water softeners help conserve water, salt, and electricity.
  • TC Series – Every TC Series water softener produces the same degree of conditioned water as the EC4 Series, just without the automated controls. Our TC Series water softeners operate via an easily programmable electronic timer.

Whatever model you decide is best for you and your family – the EC4 Series or the TC Series – you can buy with confidence knowing that it is made in the USA by a company that has been a leader in the residential water treatment industry for more than half a century. Plus, every RainSoft product is Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association and backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

To learn more about the myriad benefits of owning a water softener system and the various models we have available, contact the nearest authorized RainSoft dealer in Dallas, Texas, today. In addition to water softeners, we also carry well water filtration systems, drinking water purifiers, air purifiers, and more.