A Water Softener from RainSoft Will Enhance the Quality of Your Water – and Make Your Life Easier – in Union, NJ

Water Softener Union NJA water softener from RainSoft will significantly enhance the quality of your household water if you live in a hard-water area in Union, NJ. Chances are you do, because the water supply is considered to be hard in approximately 85 percent of the United States. This is not a cause for alarm. Essentially, all it means is that the water contains excessively high levels of calcium and magnesium, which can be easily removed by a RainSoft water softener.

While not harmful, excess calcium and magnesium in water can be a real nuisance for homeowners in Union, New Jersey. These unnecessary minerals can form a crusty buildup on everything the water touches, and also interfere with the action of cleaning products.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a RainSoft water softener:

  • Conditioned water has greater cleaning power and requires much less cleaning product to accomplish the job. Cleaning tasks will be easier, and you’ll spend less money on detergents, soaps, shampoos, and other products over time. Also, there will be no more unsightly stains marring the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and your skin and hair will feel noticeably cleaner and softer.
  • Glasses, dishes, and cookware will be spot-free and no longer etched with the embarrassing, tell-tale gray film left behind by mineral-laden water.
  • Laundered garments, towels, and linens will be softer, cleaner, and brighter. On average, water conditioned by a water softener increases the life of laundered fabric by up to 33 percent.
  • Mineral scale will not build up in your plumbing system, so water will flow freely and you won’t have to deal with the mess and inconvenience of clogs that commonly result from this problem.

An industry leader since 1953, RainSoft manufactures premium water treatment solutions that are designed to take good water and make it better. When you choose a RainSoft water softener, it will be customized to meet your requirements by taking into account factors like the local water conditions, size of your home, and number of people in your household. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, your RainSoft water softener will be the last you ever need to buy.

Please contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer for further information on a RainSoft water softener for your home in Union, NJ.