A Water Softener from RainSoft Will Enhance the Quality of Your Water — and Your Life

Water SoftenerA water softener from RainSoft will improve the quality of your water — and your life — if you are dealing with the hassles of hard water. An industry leader since 1953, RainSoft manufactures premium water treatment solutions that take good water and make it better for our customers.

The primary culprit behind many household water problems is hard water, which contains calcium and magnesium. Here are some of the benefits a RainSoft water softener can provide by removing these minerals:

  • Your skin and hair will feel cleaner and softer – Hard water is ineffective at fully rinsing away soap, which can leave behind a film that can clog pores, irritate skin, and weigh down hair.
  • Your clothes will look brighter and last longer – Washing clothes in hard water can fade colors and damage fibers, which can make clothes uncomfortable to wear and shorten their lifespan.
  • Your drinking glasses and silverware will be shiny and spot-free – Mineral-laden water can etch drinking glasses and coat dishes and silverware with a dull, gray film.
  • Your sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets will be easier to clean – Hard water promotes the formation of nasty soap scum and scale buildup that needs to be regularly scrubbed off bathroom and kitchen surfaces.
  • Your plumbing system and water-using appliances will last longer – Hard water leaves behind mineral deposits that can build up, clog pipes, and wear away the inner workings of appliances, leading to inefficient performance, costly repairs, and a shorter lifespan.
  • You will use less soap, shampoo, detergent, and cleaning products – Water treated by a RainSoft water softener creates a rich lather with much less soap, thus reducing the usage of these products and their associated costs.

When you choose a water softener from RainSoft, your system will be customized to meet your requirements by taking into account factors such as the local water conditions, the size of your home, and the number of people in your household.

Best of all, a water softener from RainSoft is the last water conditioner system you will ever need to buy. Each system is backed by the RainSoft Limited Lifetime Warranty – the most comprehensive in the industry. And should you move, you can take your RainSoft water softener with you. Our international dealer network is available to install your water conditioner in your new home.

For further information on how you can begin enjoying the benefits of a RainSoft water softener, please contact a RainSoft dealer near you. We can also show you RainSoft’s premium drinking water systems, such as our Ultrefiner II reverse osmosis system, or perhaps a whole home air purification system.