RainSoft Can Perform a Water Test in Your New Castle, DE Home to Help You Learn More About Your Water

Water Test New Castle DEA water test is something you should consider if you live in New Castle, Delaware. While tap water is regularly tested by municipal authorities, water can pick up contaminants or unwanted elements in the pipes traveling to your house. Furthermore, tap water from a private well is not tested by the government at all. These facts are important to understand because tap water is such a crucial part of everyone’s daily lives, since it is used for bathing, cleaning, cooking, and drinking. It makes sense, then, to know exactly what’s in it.

Although your water may look fine, there are many contaminants that cannot be identified simply by looking at water and that can’t be removed by faucet-mounted filters. Getting a complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test from your authorized RainSoft dealer serving New Castle would allow you to find out about these contaminants and discover ways to eradicate them from your water.

You might be curious about why RainSoft would offer you a complimentary water test. The reason we do this is because we believe you should know what’s in your water so that you can decide whether or not you want to treat it. If your test reveals unwanted elements in your water, we’ll let you know the kind of systems we have that can give you higher-quality water in your home. While you might be unsure whether or not to get a water test, any of the following could be a sign of contaminants in your water:

  • Your water has a strange taste and odor
  • The water pressure in your shower is weak due to potential buildup of limescale in your pipes
  • There is white residue on your shower and sink faucets, perhaps as a result of hard water
  • Your skin is dry and your hair seems dull and coarse

A water test from RainSoft could help you learn whether any of the above are due to contaminants in your water. If they are, one of the representatives from RainSoft will help you learn about customized solutions for your water.

In order to set up an appointment for a water test in your New Castle, DE home, get in touch with RainSoft today.