Complimentary Water Testing Available from RainSoft in Cleveland, OH

Water Testing Cleveland OHIf you have recently noticed a strange taste or odor in your Cleveland, Ohio, home’s water, testing by RainSoft can help you discover if any impurities are present in your water supply. While typically the impurities found in residential water do not pose a risk to your health, they can be responsible for a number of detrimental side effects, including lime scale and soap scum buildup, oxidation, spotty dishes and glassware, foul smells, and unpleasant tastes. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, our complimentary water testing services may be just what you need.

As one of the premier water treatment companies in the world, RainSoft can not only diagnose any problems in your water, but correct them as well. If our water testing does, in fact, reveal that your water contains unwanted impurities, our team can present you with a solution precisely tailored to your needs that will allow you to address the problem. We offer a wide variety of advanced water treatment systems that are independently Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association, guaranteeing that they will perform exactly as advertised.

These advanced systems include:

  • Drinking water systems – These systems install under your kitchen sink and can provide you with delicious drinking water on demand.
  • Water conditioners – Our water conditioners remove water hardness ions like calcium and magnesium, which are responsible for a variety of unwanted effects such as soap scum buildup, dry, itchy hair, and spotty dishes and glassware.
  • Whole house water filters – If our water testing discovers contaminants like iron, chlorine, sulfur, or chloramines, we can install a whole-house problem-solving filter to remove these from your water supply.

For additional information about our in-home water testing, or to inquire about the advanced home water treatment products we have available in Cleveland, OH, contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer today.