A Whole House Air Purification System Can Reduce Odors from Pets, Prepared Foods, and More

Whole House Air PurificationIf the air in your home doesn’t quite smell the way you’d like it to, a whole house air purification system can help. Never again will you have to purchase air fresheners or deodorizing room sprays; instead, you’ll enjoy crisp, clean, great-smelling air throughout every room in your home, with little to no effort on your part.

Air purification systems can be especially helpful if you or anyone in your household:

  • Plays a sport or makes frequent trips to the gym, leading to piles of stinky, sweaty towels and clothing
  • Enjoys trying exotic recipes, especially those with pungent ingredients such as garlic, onions, or spices
  • Smokes cigars or cigarettes on a regular basis
  • Keeps a pet, especially one with a litter box or an indoor cage
  • Often forgets to empty the trash can, clean out the refrigerator, or run the garbage disposal

An air purification system could also be helpful if you have recently moved into your home, and found that there is a residual odor from the prior resident. By addressing any lingering scents that might still be present, a purifier can help bring the air quality in your new residence up to your family’s standards.

Whatever the source of your household odors, RainSoft can help you find a solution. The AirMaster Ultra, our high-performance whole home air purifier, mounts directly into the ductwork of your home, where it neutralizes various odors. At the same time, it also uses Ultraviolet light technology to kill airborne molds, bacteria, and viruses. This way, your air will not only smell fresh and clean, but it will also be better for your family to breathe.

For more information about our whole house air purification options, contact RainSoft today.