Whole House Air Purifier Systems do Dual Duty in the Fight Against Unpleasant Air

Whole House Air Purifier If the air inside your home isn’t up to your standards but you can’t quite pinpoint the problem, a whole house air purifier may be a worthwhile investment. Whole-home air purifiers typically work as a one-two punch against the most common air concerns: unpleasant odors and undesirable impurities. That means that no matter what’s keeping your indoor air from being as great as it could be, a whole house air purification system can provide you with a solution.

Most of these air purifiers are installed directly in the ductwork of a home, where they work in two ways:

  • Ultraviolet light technology kills most airborne molds, bacteria, and viruses, leaving only fresh and sterile air.
  • An Ozone lamp then neutralizes any remaining odors, so great-smelling air is cycled back into the home.

Whether you’re dealing with issues such as hidden fungi spores, pollen and pet dander, or anything in between, a whole house air purification system can silently counteract the problems, yielding benefits in every room of your residence. What’s more, these systems require minimal effort on your part. In fact, most whole home air purifiers don’t contain individual air filters, so there’s no need to keep a schedule of when they need to be replaced. Periodic replacement of the lamps is often all that’s necessary.

If you’re ready to invest in a dual-duty air purifier, give RainSoft a call. We’re here to help you and your family breathe easier at home. We make our purification systems right here in the United States, and will back your purchase with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For more information about our whole house air purifier systems, contact us today.