An Air Filtration System from RainSoft Will Help Clear the Air in Your Home in Fresno, CA

Air Filtration System Fresno CAAn air filtration system that works in conjunction with a home’s forced-air heating system or central air conditioner is the most efficient and effective way to filter indoor air. Mounted unobtrusively in the ductwork, this type of air purifier will work hard behind the scenes to continually clean the air that flows throughout the whole house. Homeowners in Fresno, California, who are interested in such a system are encouraged to take a look at the AirMaster Ultra air purifier offered by industry leader RainSoft.

If your home in Fresno, CA, has a forced-air furnace, you might be wondering about the purpose of its fiberglass filter – the one you’re supposed to change each month. This filter, while capable of trapping large airborne particles, is an air filtration system in only the most rudimentary sense of the word. The truth is, it can’t be changed often enough, and once it becomes clogged with dust, it simply stops working. Designed to protect the inner workings of the furnace rather than to clear the air you breathe, these filters are ineffective at eliminating:

  • Microorganisms – Bacteria, viruses, pathogens, antigens, mold, fungi, and other potentially harmful contaminants
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – Benzene, formaldehyde, ethylene, chloride, and toluene, which are surprisingly found in many common household products
  • Odors and gases – Undesirable smells from cooking, pets, tobacco smoke, aerosols, and pesticides

The RainSoft AirMaster Ultra air filtration system is engineered to eradicate all of these issues, and more. With state-of-the-art technology like a formidable ultraviolet (UV) light zone and a robust Ozone lamp, the AirMaster Ultra will ensure that you and your family are breathing the cleanest air possible at home. Even if you move to a new residence, you can still breathe easy. That’s because an authorized RainSoft dealer from our expansive network will be happy to install your system in your new home.

For more information about an air filtration system that will make your indoor air healthier to breathe, please contact your local authorized RainSoft dealer in Fresno, CA, today.