NSF Certification for House Water Purification Systems – What Does it Mean?

House Water Purification SystemsIf there is one thing that all the best house water purification systems have in common, it is NSF certification. Originally called the National Sanitation Foundation, NSF International is a global public health organization that is committed to protecting and improving human wellness. Among NSF’s many activities is the development of product certification protocols that are designed to verify whether products marketed to the public are safe and effective. NSF International’s certification standards are among the most rigorous in the world. Every aspect of a product’s development is painstakingly evaluated before it can receive NSF certification. In order for a company to be able to call any of its products “NSF Certified” or “NSF Listed,” those products must pass muster with one of the world’s most respected independent product testing organizations – NSF International.

Consumer interest in drinking water purification systems has risen tremendously in recent years. Unfortunately, not all of these products are equally effective at filtering or purifying water, in spite of manufacturer claims. NSF International, in an attempt to alleviate consumer confusion, has developed a highly sophisticated certification process specifically tailored for drinking water purifiers. In addition to verifying that a given drinking water purifier is structurally sound, NSF will verify that (1) the contaminant reduction claims printed on the product’s label are true (2) the product does not add anything harmful to the water, and (3) the product’s labeling, advertising, and literature are not misleading to consumers. One important thing to keep in mind is that NSF certification doesn’t mean that a water purifier is effective at reducing a particular contaminant. For this information, read each product’s labeling carefully, and speak to the manufacturer for more detail about what a particular drinking water purifier is, and is not, capable of doing. Also, have your water professionally tested to determine what contaminants are in it before deciding to purchase a home water treatment system.

For more information about NSF certification and why it matters to consumers like you, contact RainSoft. All our house water purification systems bear the NSF International certification label, meaning they are certified to provide bottle quality drinking water for you and your family.