Improve Your Tap Water with a Drinking Water System from RainSoft in Fresno, CA

Drinking Water System Fresno CAIf, like many Fresno, California, homeowners, you’d prefer not to drink your tap water, a drinking water system from RainSoft, can change the way you think. Time and time again, we’ve helped homeowners make their undesirable tap water taste better than bottled water – and we’d love to show you why we’re the number one choice for drinking water purification technology.

We offer several customizable drinking water systems, which have been built with state-of-the-art technology for a higher quality drinking water experience. These systems can remove a wide range of impurities from your drinking water, including:

  • Chlorine taste and odor
  • Sediment
  • Trace metals and minerals
  • Fluoride
  • Volatile organic compounds

Tested and Certified by the Water Quality Association, our systems have been proven to provide optimum results. By investing in a RainSoft drinking water system, you’ll know that your family will have the very best possible water possible.

Best yet, you’ll have RainSoft’s extensive support services for life. We offer a comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty that’s one of the best in the industry, and you can connect with our authorized Fresno dealer at any time. And should you choose to move to a new home in the future – whether that’s up the street or across the country – we’ll help you pack your system up so that you take it with you.

To learn more about our drinking water system technology, or to schedule a complimentary in-home water hardness and drinking water test in Fresno, CA, contact RainSoft, today.