With a RainSoft Drinking Water System, You’ll Taste the Difference in Every Glass of Water You Drink at Home in Houston, TX

Drinking Water System Houston TXBy adding a drinking water system from RainSoft to your home in Houston, Texas, you can easily encourage your entire family to drink more water. This is important because, truth be told, they probably aren’t drinking enough. The most common reason cited by homeowners as to why they don’t drink their tap water is simply that they don’t care for the taste. Instead, they might opt for expensive and wasteful bottled water or, even worse, unhealthy diet drinks or sugary sodas. There is a better alternative: a drinking water system from RainSoft.

In recent years, public discontent with the quality of tap water has continued to grow. In response, the market has been flooded with various types of systems that will purportedly improve drinking water, from whole house systems to portable pitchers and just about everything in between. To help ensure that you choose the drinking water system that will best meet the needs of your household, the water treatment professionals RainSoft offer residents of Houston, TX, a complimentary, in-home water hardness and drinking water test. This helpful analysis can be performed at your convenience by a knowledgeable and experienced authorized RainSoft dealer, who will also:

  • Fully explain the results
  • Answer your questions
  • Recommend an appropriate water treatment solution for your home, if needed

For example, one common issue with community-supplied water is that chlorine and chloramines are added for disinfection purposes. While this is a very good thing as far as ensuring the safety of drinking water, these additives have fully served their purpose and are no longer necessary by the time the disinfected water reaches your home. Their lingering presence, while not harmful, can create tastes and odors that simply make your tap water unpleasant to drink. A RainSoft drinking water system, such as our premier Ultrefiner II, can address these problems and more through advanced, multi-stage technology.

A RainSoft drinking water system is a wise investment that will enhance the quality of the water in your home in Houston, TX, for years to come. To get started, contact a local authorized RainSoft dealer to schedule your complimentary in-home water analysis, and be on your way to enjoying glass after glass of crisp, delicious drinking water.