Drinking Water Systems can Eliminate Your Need for Bottled Water

Home Water PurificationIf your tap water isn’t up to drinking standards, a home water purification system can help you move away from water bottles, filtration pitchers, and home water deliveries. With the right drinking water purifier, ordinary water from your kitchen faucet can taste even better than the bottled variety, and you’ll notice the difference with your very first sip.

Drinking water systems are designed to make tap water:

  • Crystal clear – A purification system can filter out sediment that would otherwise make your water too murky to drink.
  • Better tasting – A purification system can remove trace metals and minerals that can cause sour, bitter, or metallic aftertastes. The purified water will taste noticeably better and more refreshing.
  • Odor free – A purification system can neutralize undesirable odors from sulfur and chlorine.
  • Healthier for you and your family – A purification system can remove chemical elements and additives that you’d prefer not to consume. Systems that carry the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal are proven to remove a wide range of VOCs and impurities.

Most whole home water purification systems are mounted right beneath the kitchen sink, or in the basement directly below it. The pipes can be connected to the faucet, or plumbed to a refrigerator water line for great-tasting chilled water that can be served chilled. You’ll taste the difference in your drinking water, coffee, tea, and all of the foods that you prepare with water from your tap.

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Home Water Purification Systems can Make Tap Water Taste Better than Bottled Water